She is a Nicaraguan artist born in United States and raised in Nicaragua. Since she was young, she showed interest in art but as she grew up her career led her towards a different path and other interests. Edda graduated college with a B.A. in Business Administration and a minor in Management.  Always moving, she lived in Guatemala, Puerto Rico and her final destination, The Unites States. Dealing with everyday life struggles and routine she found a relief in art ❤ Painting to release feelings of loneliness, stress, sadness and other conflicting emotions which  grew her love of art again!

Currently she dedicates a lot of time to painting and offers workshop to share the love of art with others, Encouraging people to be the best version of themselves and teaching art as a way to express emotions and feelings. As well as art exhibitions.


Besides art, on her free time she enjoys reading, exercising and taking yoga classes. Edda's second main goal is to be the first Nicaraguan women to travel at least to 80 countries in the world, currently accomplished 18 countries in 3 years!

As a self taught artist she is always dedicating her time to learn new techniques and painting styles. Her main material are acrylic on wooden canvases. Edda's main styles are abstract and contemporary. Most of her inspiration is gather by her travels, things she learn or just her imagination! But mainly and most importantly paintings that are UNICORNS which are called UNICORNPORN.

ALL STARTED ON 12/12 the day of the Unicorn. Edda is a free soul and had her hair on rainbow colors for her love of the unicorns, art and colors. She was called the Unicorn. In ancient history unicorns are known to be powerful and magical creatures, symbols of purity, grace and success. Edda got the idea of using female bodies and combined them